Schulich School of Education

The history of teacher education in North Bay began in 1909 with the opening of the North Bay Normal School in the heart of town. The Normal School was renamed North Bay Teachers’ College in 1953. Since 1909, over 17,000 teachers have received their professional education in North Bay. In 1972, the College moved into new quarters at the College Education Centre. One wing of the College Education Centre was carefully designed for the integration of Nipissing University College and the Teachers’ College, which took place September 1, 1973. Nipissing University received its charter in 1992. In 2010, the Faculty of Education became the Schulich School of Education owing to a generous investment made by Canadian philanthropist, Dr. Seymour Schulich.

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The mission of the Schulich School of Education is to promote the professional growth of teachers through pre-service, in-service and graduate programs, and to provide educational leadership and support through consultation and research. Our vibrant graduate program offers a Master of Education degree (full-/flex-time), and a Ph.D. in Educational Sustainability.