RE4MUL8 Reflections

Following the video-taped lessons, the participating teachers also agreed to take part in a debriefing interview in which they were asked to reflect on the lesson, and to share insights regarding their own personal journeys towards reform-based mathematics teaching. In a number of locations, a board-level mathematics support person (coordinator, coach, consultant, or facilitator) also took part in the interview along with the teacher.

Ann Barker (Grade 8 Teacher, Math Coach, DSBONE) reflects on the fractions lesson and shares her thoughts on mathematics reform in teaching and learning.

Ted Smith (Grade 8 Teacher, RDSB) reflects on the multiplying integers lesson and shares insights from his two decades of experience as an Intermediate Division teacher.

Amy Kieffer (Grade 8 Teacher, BGCDSB) and Dan Pitre (Numeracy Facilitator, BGCDSB) reflect on the proportional reasoning lesson and on math reform teaching and related initiatives in the local board.

Liz Bloomfield (Grade 8 Teacher, TLDSB) and Anne Grant (Math Coach, TLDSB) reflect on the composite figures lesson, and share insights regarding the “messy” but worthwhile shift to reform-based mathematics.

Kathy Adams (Grade 8 Teacher, TLDSB) and Deb Wines (Math Coach, TLDSB) reflect on the composite figures lesson, and share insights regarding technology, groupwork, and problem-based learning.

Jodi Caverzan Wells (Grade 7 Teacher, SMCDSB) and Richard Gallant (Secondary Curriculum Consultant, SMCDSB) reflect on the solving equations lesson, and provide insights into reform-based teaching and learning.

Jason Henstridge (Grade 8 Teacher, NNDSB) and Ross Isenegger (Numeracy Coordinator, NNDSB) reflect on the patterning and algebraic thinking lesson, and on the challenges and benefits of reform-based mathematics teaching.